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How to spend an evening with your pjs…

14 Sep


Buy new pjs


Run a bubble bath and make sure pjs are ready and waiting


Get out of bath and put on said new pjs


(Team with freshly washed face and hair shoved in a high bun)

Slip on slippers


Then realise you are actually posing in your pjs and must get a life




My feet are thanking me…

5 Sep


I’ve needed new slippers for well over a year, but by the time I got my arse into gear, slippers were on the out and flipflops were on their way in.

But hark! Autumn/Winter 2012 is approaching, and shops are reshuffling their shoe section in order to fit in a slipper stand.

Found this cute ankle boot slippers in New Look. Love the Aztec colours but Nordic style with the pom poms and fur. It’s an odd mix, but it does it for me.

I know, if my feet could talk, they’d be saying “thank you, thank you, thank you”