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Inject some Rock’a’Frilly into your life

24 Oct

All you need to do is walk down the high street today to notice that rock is in – skulls and crosses are printed onto anything and everything – scarves, jumpers, leggings, tops. I searched for ‘Skull’ in asos.com – 168 items came up!

Skulls have been pretty prevalent since the now iconic Alexander McQueen scarf was snatched up by every celebrity going, but this Autumn/Winter it’s come back into style with a bang.



Now, I’m going to be completely honest, I own a skull top and a brightly coloured skull scarf (from Primark … not a £165.00 McQueen original!), but what I find difficult is picking the right day to wear it – at heart I am a girly girl. My housemate recently commented, when searching for a new house, “well you’ll need a big rail for all your flouncy dresses”, very true.  Now my point is, if I suddenly rocked up to work or to a friend’s house fully embracing this trend, I’d look pretty idiotic – and that’s being kind.

I believe and religiously follow; the key to any fashion trend is less is more. Unless your punk to the heart, or you always dress like a character from The Great Gatsby, you’re not going to look right if you’re suddenly dressing as if you’ve just fallen out of the 1920’s. Which is exactly why I fell in love with this online Etsy shop, Rock’a’Frilly UK, which my work friend (a man no less) showed me last week.

This online shop is the perfect way of injecting some key pieces into your wardrobe, at a very affordable price (all items are £10 or less!), whilst being completely original. When I first looked, I only glanced for a few minutes but knew that there were some great pieces in there. Plus, I love the name Rock’a’Frilly – because in my mind this brand enables you to inject some rock into your outfit, whilst being cute and feminine – a perfect name for a perfect brand.  Plus with 100% positive feedback, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

It took me a good hour to whittle down my absolutely favourite items – but these will be going on my pay day shopping list and I cannot wait!

Sew Charm-ing Bracelet

This charm bracelet is quirky, cute and different, and perfect is you are or know of someone who is a budding sewer.

Cute Swallow Charm Bracelet

Personally, this is on my hit list on pay day. The swallow charm ties in perfectly with my tattoo and I absolutely adore the two small perfume bottles – injects the feminine into the bracelet.


Nautical Pirate Ship Necklace

Perfect with jeans and a casual top – relaxed rockabilly. I love that this piece has a slight tinge of the gothic.



Sweetheart Necklace

Imagine with a white t-shirt and grey skinny jeans – a great splash of colour for a casual outfit.


Sailor Jerry Cosmetic Bag

All I can say for this one – is “I want, I want”. I currently carry round an old, shabby makeup bag which I think I got free 5 years ago. This would look perfect coming out of any handbag, and you would definitely get complimented.





And if you wanted to go all out, wear a rockabilly style dress like the one above, plus the below necklace, get out the eye liner, red lipstick and bobby pins and you’ve got perfection in an outfit right there …


Sailor Girl Necklace

Perfection in an outift


All in all, whether for you, or you’re starting to think about Christmas presents  – head to www.etsy.com/shop/RockafrillyUK.


To sit beside the seaside…or in your garden

6 Sep

As we cross our fingers, close our eyes, and keep repeating ‘please give us an Indian summer, please give us an Indian summer’ our thoughts of course turn to deckchairs. Obviously.

Now, I love a good deckchair. When we were younger, we had lovely wooden deckchairs with blue and white stripes – very nautical. And we had them for years, which, now I’m older, I understand why – because deckchairs are sodding expensive. So this morning, I’m on a foray through deckchairs, from the cheap and cheerful, to the expensive but go-od!

If you want something, and you want it done properly, first stop has to be John Lewis.

Quirky and I like the old school image, Hemingway Design £55

A firm favourite with me as I love penguin classics! A good selection of covers as well, from The Big Sleep to A Room Of One’s Own. Bloomsburystore.com £99

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best – makes me think of a nice country garden out of an E. M. Forster novel (A Room With A View) – bargain at £19.99 from Argos (currently a 1/3 off)

Never ever underestimate the power of Amazon. Once it was just useful for CD’s, Books and DVD’s – now it has everything. I mean, everything. Taking me back to my childhood days with blue and white stripes – £29 Amazon.


Brilliant designs, choose from ‘origami of the species’ or ‘urbane fish’, lovely wood, lovely style from my oh so favourite notonthehighstreet.com. …wait for it, £190 (gasp!) but definitely a talking point. Who wouldn’t enjoy sitting on Darwin’s face whilst sipping a G&T?

All the way from Germany, via Ebay, £37.99. Love the bright colours against the dark wood.

And finally. It’s not a deckchair, but I saw it during my online rummage, and made me wish I had a wrap around porch, and could sit there, with a good book, a nice glass of red wine, and listen to some good music. (I would have to stain it a darker colour, but who doesn’t like a bit of DIY)

'Bowland' Garden / Patio Wooden Adirondack Rocking Chair - Image 1

Now, keep saying that mantra, ‘please let us have an Indian Summer’

The most brilliant online store you’ll ever stumble across

5 Sep

I love online shopping, truly I do. The fact that you can sit there, for a few hours, with something in your basket while you contemplate whether you honestly can afford to buy it NB I always buy it – is brilliant.
However, I had started to realise something – clothes sites are samey. For example, if you want a tea dress, shop at Dorothy Perkins, going out? Go to Miss Selfridge. Want to play hipster – Topshop all the way. Need stuff for the home? Well…John Lewis, but can be a bit dear. Debenhams and BHS – the websites are awful. And then, one grey, sleepy Thursday morning, I can’t remember quite how, I stumbled upon notonthehighstreet.com.

Quite literally, my prayers were answered. notonthehighstreet hit upon the great idea of finding all these lovely designers and put them under one roof. Genius!

If you can think of something you want, odds on you’ll find it at notonthehighstreet, and the best thing is the variety. I spent a whole morning trawling through 26 pages just full of rings. Just of rings! So then I got to go through pages of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. It’s like rummaging through my own personal treasure chest. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just jewellery – gorgeous bits and pieces for the home, art, furniture, bed spreads – I have a wish list the length of England.
Stuck for things to buy your Great Aunt Daphney? Go to notonthehighstreet! Want something unique and different for that friend you haven’t seen for awhile? Go to notonthehighstreet! Honestly… GO TO NOTONTHEHIGHSTREET!
Getting married? You can have a wedding list! Now I’ve got to find a boyfriend before even thinking about marriage, but I’m telling you now, whenever that time rolls round, you’ll find my list on their website.

And my favourite thing about this glorious company? They’re actually there! I mean…there! You tweet them, you get a reply! Got a question on an item – email the seller direct and you’ll get a response in next to no time. Need to give them a call? Phone is answered within 3 rings, by a nice, friendly ‘I actually know what I’m doing’ person. That is why this website will always have my loyalty, because they treat me like a person and not just some cash in their back pocket.
So, finally, if you have taste, style, an eye for a good item, love to shop, enjoy putting thought into a gift (erm, did I say about the hundreds of items you can have personalised?) then, seriously, please, do this for me and do it for yourself, http://www.notonthehighstreet.com