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Inject some Rock’a’Frilly into your life

24 Oct

All you need to do is walk down the high street today to notice that rock is in – skulls and crosses are printed onto anything and everything – scarves, jumpers, leggings, tops. I searched for ‘Skull’ in asos.com – 168 items came up!

Skulls have been pretty prevalent since the now iconic Alexander McQueen scarf was snatched up by every celebrity going, but this Autumn/Winter it’s come back into style with a bang.



Now, I’m going to be completely honest, I own a skull top and a brightly coloured skull scarf (from Primark … not a £165.00 McQueen original!), but what I find difficult is picking the right day to wear it – at heart I am a girly girl. My housemate recently commented, when searching for a new house, “well you’ll need a big rail for all your flouncy dresses”, very true.  Now my point is, if I suddenly rocked up to work or to a friend’s house fully embracing this trend, I’d look pretty idiotic – and that’s being kind.

I believe and religiously follow; the key to any fashion trend is less is more. Unless your punk to the heart, or you always dress like a character from The Great Gatsby, you’re not going to look right if you’re suddenly dressing as if you’ve just fallen out of the 1920’s. Which is exactly why I fell in love with this online Etsy shop, Rock’a’Frilly UK, which my work friend (a man no less) showed me last week.

This online shop is the perfect way of injecting some key pieces into your wardrobe, at a very affordable price (all items are £10 or less!), whilst being completely original. When I first looked, I only glanced for a few minutes but knew that there were some great pieces in there. Plus, I love the name Rock’a’Frilly – because in my mind this brand enables you to inject some rock into your outfit, whilst being cute and feminine – a perfect name for a perfect brand.  Plus with 100% positive feedback, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

It took me a good hour to whittle down my absolutely favourite items – but these will be going on my pay day shopping list and I cannot wait!

Sew Charm-ing Bracelet

This charm bracelet is quirky, cute and different, and perfect is you are or know of someone who is a budding sewer.

Cute Swallow Charm Bracelet

Personally, this is on my hit list on pay day. The swallow charm ties in perfectly with my tattoo and I absolutely adore the two small perfume bottles – injects the feminine into the bracelet.


Nautical Pirate Ship Necklace

Perfect with jeans and a casual top – relaxed rockabilly. I love that this piece has a slight tinge of the gothic.



Sweetheart Necklace

Imagine with a white t-shirt and grey skinny jeans – a great splash of colour for a casual outfit.


Sailor Jerry Cosmetic Bag

All I can say for this one – is “I want, I want”. I currently carry round an old, shabby makeup bag which I think I got free 5 years ago. This would look perfect coming out of any handbag, and you would definitely get complimented.





And if you wanted to go all out, wear a rockabilly style dress like the one above, plus the below necklace, get out the eye liner, red lipstick and bobby pins and you’ve got perfection in an outfit right there …


Sailor Girl Necklace

Perfection in an outift


All in all, whether for you, or you’re starting to think about Christmas presents  – head to www.etsy.com/shop/RockafrillyUK.


It’s just another work of art

2 Oct

At 3:50PM on Monday 1st October, I welcomed baby number 4 and baby number 5 to the family yesterday afternoon. No, not twins. The newest members of my tattoo family were inked.
If I was in a line up, and someone was asked to pick who would have a tattoo, I’d say odds on I wouldn’t be picked. I’m normally wearing pretty little dresses, I don’t look ‘hard’ or ‘punk’, I enjoy Twilight, and Xfactor and silly programs. I look like a candidate that would cry if I felt the prick of a needle, and only likes cuddling very fluffy kittens.

The prejudice against people with tattoos very much lives on. My tattooist yesterday, a lovely lady with a 17 year old son and a 13 year old daughter, had tattoos everywhere – even on her palm which I can’t imagine how much that hurt. When choosing the area to have my tattoos, I asked if my heart tattoo could move a little bit closer towards my hand. She refused to do it. She said that any half decent tattoo parlours will not tattoo on hands. The reason why? Because of the prejudices that are still alive and well in the UK today. My mumsy tattooist said that people won’t actually sit next to her on the bus because of what she looks like, and she didn’t want that to happen towards me. She pointed out, and unfortunately I agree, employers will frown on visible tattoos which could greatly effect my chances of getting a job in the future. It’s sad but true. Does a tattoo have any effect on my ability to work? No. My ambition? No. My work effects? No.

Having a tattoo does not change me whatsoever. I was asked why I have tattoos. And it took me awhile to answer. But in the end, my tattoos all symbolise something that is important to me, things that I always want to keep in mind. They are for myself, and not for anyone else. If anything they make me a better person because I’ve always got reminders of what is important.
And to be honest, if someone can stick a toilet in the middle of a white room and call it art, then so are tattoos.
Tattoo number 1 – Fairy Queen – Midsummer nights dream – what can I say – I love that play.

Tattoo numer 2  – half moon and stars – because I always believed that if I wished hard enough I would get the roller skates I wanted. 18 years later and I did.

Tattoo number 3  – apple blossom – to always remember my Mum and my home that I loved.

Tattoo number 4- simple heart, so that even when I’m at my most cynical, I don’t forget that I’ve always believed in romance and to always follow my heart and never to settle for less.

Tattoo number 5 – birds – to remember to never be dependant on anyone, that I am fine and happy on my own, and to always be free.



Where’s my head at?!

19 Sep

Do you ever have weeks when you literally don’t know what is happening?
It’s been a hectic week and it’s only Wednesday! So far I’ve done things I’ve enjoyed, been involved in things I haven’t enjoyed, and stopped from doing things I would enjoy.
My brain can’t even communicate what to write. So here are some pictures to explain what’s been happening over the past 5 days, including a couple of songs which have been at the top of my recently played list.












Start the week with a bit of lust

10 Sep

On a Monday, as well as needing 20 shots of coffee, I like to think of what I really want to buy. A lust item, so that I hit the working week running because without doing well at my job, I’m not going to be able to afford my ‘Lust item’ so see it as motivation!
This week – a satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I’ve never been a ‘handbag woman’ . Most of mine are purchased from H&M or Primarni (Primark) because they’re cheap, cheerful, and doesn’t matter if my bottle of water leaks, or it becomes chocker block full of old bus tickets, receipts or random packets of chewing gum.

However, as I reach the half way point of my 25th yeah, I feel the time has come for a ‘grown up’ handbag, and so as I trawled through Instagram I found someone blogging about their new Cambridge Satchel and it was love at first sight.

They have such a wide array of choice it’s brilliant – so many different colours what with the classic, fluro and pastel collections! Although it does lead to the issue… What colour to go for?!


But I think electric blue gets my vote



The Mann family

9 Sep

Well, actually, we’re more of a mob.

A quick few facts:-

There’s 5 children
Katy is the oldest, 42
I’m the youngest, 25

We do not hug, we do not kiss. We’re pretty much an emotionally retarded family. Most of the time we try to catch each other out with carefully worded insults. People don’t like when we ‘debate’. Most of them are too clever for their own good (myself not included). Our favourite film is Withnail and I, if you don’t like it, I probably won’t like you.

Our mum sadly passed away boxing day 1999.

My sister’s got married. Both said they didn’t want children. But Audrey Grace Johnston was conceived in Paris in 2006 and was born 27th December 2006.

She is my only niece. She was born profoundly deaf. She is the most animated, imaginative and sweet little girl you’ll ever meet and this weekend I got to see her.


                Messing about in the sun



We went to Kew Gardens, to see Grease at the open air cinema. During a ‘sex’ scene in a car, Audrey asked, “are they trying to squeeze out the window?”.


Audrey dressed herself for her evening out…



                         Audrey and Katy


                        Beautiful evening


         Audrey messing about with James


   Henry and Aud’s Lego building workshop




            My ‘tattoo’ to show my ‘husband’


                            Audrey and me

Looky looky here…

6 Sep

October Vogue came through my door today! Cannot wait to read it.

However, one must never rush this process. It must be done as if commencing a religious ceremony. The setting must be right, one cannot be hungry or thirsty. One cannot need to be anywhere within the next 3hours. One must not be sleepy.

One cannot wait!

Expect to see lots of blogs coming along inspired by October vogue!


Gadgets are a go go

6 Sep

I do love a good gadget, I might not be able to buy them, but I love them. So this lunchtime I decided to put together a gadget/technology wish list, starting with, well, the obvious.

The Nespresso Gran Maestria Coffee Machine by Magimix

First of all, the placement of the buttons really does make me think of the film Batteries Not Included – reason enough to buy it.

Add in that it has a milk frother with 4 settings, takes the Nespresso pods (I’m sorry but the ease and taste of them do win in my eyes) and is quite aesthetically pleasing means it wins with me. Plus! It has a cup heater…well. What more can I say?

Life doesn’t get much better than a wireless Bose speaker. I was lucky enough to be in possession of one for awhile, but unfortunately had to hand it back! The music quality is just superb, and the fact that it’s light and portable meant it often came into the garden with me on a summers afternoon, as well as into the bathroom when I was taking a relaxing bath. I miss it terribly, so it is definitely on my hit list!


I can’t lie, I’m a Samsung girl! And I have lusted after this red Samsung R530 for a year or so now! Luckily, I have the S3 phone, which really is like my own personal, slightly smaller, laptop. However, as my blogging gets more prevalent the lust for a laptop is returning!

It’s a simple one, but I’d love a new kettle! Especially a red one to go with my red kitchen accessories. And I reckon this Morphy Richards kettle would make a darn good cuppa.

…because I think it’s time I have a proper grown up camera?  So I can take really good photos of kittens in teacups and children dressed up like cabbage patch kids…

OK, who doesn’t remember playing with the phone when they were a kid? Especially these rotary phones. I for one used to love moving the dial round, letting go and watching it spin back (I was a child with simple tastes). Now if I had anyone who would actually call me on it, I’d get it.

And finally, this is why I love Samsung – they’ve now made a wine cooler – Must. Have!