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Inject some Rock’a’Frilly into your life

24 Oct

All you need to do is walk down the high street today to notice that rock is in – skulls and crosses are printed onto anything and everything – scarves, jumpers, leggings, tops. I searched for ‘Skull’ in – 168 items came up!

Skulls have been pretty prevalent since the now iconic Alexander McQueen scarf was snatched up by every celebrity going, but this Autumn/Winter it’s come back into style with a bang.



Now, I’m going to be completely honest, I own a skull top and a brightly coloured skull scarf (from Primark … not a £165.00 McQueen original!), but what I find difficult is picking the right day to wear it – at heart I am a girly girl. My housemate recently commented, when searching for a new house, “well you’ll need a big rail for all your flouncy dresses”, very true.  Now my point is, if I suddenly rocked up to work or to a friend’s house fully embracing this trend, I’d look pretty idiotic – and that’s being kind.

I believe and religiously follow; the key to any fashion trend is less is more. Unless your punk to the heart, or you always dress like a character from The Great Gatsby, you’re not going to look right if you’re suddenly dressing as if you’ve just fallen out of the 1920’s. Which is exactly why I fell in love with this online Etsy shop, Rock’a’Frilly UK, which my work friend (a man no less) showed me last week.

This online shop is the perfect way of injecting some key pieces into your wardrobe, at a very affordable price (all items are £10 or less!), whilst being completely original. When I first looked, I only glanced for a few minutes but knew that there were some great pieces in there. Plus, I love the name Rock’a’Frilly – because in my mind this brand enables you to inject some rock into your outfit, whilst being cute and feminine – a perfect name for a perfect brand.  Plus with 100% positive feedback, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

It took me a good hour to whittle down my absolutely favourite items – but these will be going on my pay day shopping list and I cannot wait!

Sew Charm-ing Bracelet

This charm bracelet is quirky, cute and different, and perfect is you are or know of someone who is a budding sewer.

Cute Swallow Charm Bracelet

Personally, this is on my hit list on pay day. The swallow charm ties in perfectly with my tattoo and I absolutely adore the two small perfume bottles – injects the feminine into the bracelet.


Nautical Pirate Ship Necklace

Perfect with jeans and a casual top – relaxed rockabilly. I love that this piece has a slight tinge of the gothic.



Sweetheart Necklace

Imagine with a white t-shirt and grey skinny jeans – a great splash of colour for a casual outfit.


Sailor Jerry Cosmetic Bag

All I can say for this one – is “I want, I want”. I currently carry round an old, shabby makeup bag which I think I got free 5 years ago. This would look perfect coming out of any handbag, and you would definitely get complimented.





And if you wanted to go all out, wear a rockabilly style dress like the one above, plus the below necklace, get out the eye liner, red lipstick and bobby pins and you’ve got perfection in an outfit right there …


Sailor Girl Necklace

Perfection in an outift


All in all, whether for you, or you’re starting to think about Christmas presents  – head to


How to spend an evening with your pjs…

14 Sep


Buy new pjs


Run a bubble bath and make sure pjs are ready and waiting


Get out of bath and put on said new pjs


(Team with freshly washed face and hair shoved in a high bun)

Slip on slippers


Then realise you are actually posing in your pjs and must get a life



They know how to get me excited…

14 Sep

I absolutely love Burberry Prorsum and love this teaser video, which, incidentally, has one of my all time favourite songs as the backing track.



Christopher Bailey, I adore you.

Bit in love with Ralph Lauren

14 Sep

A surprise favourite, just as New York Fashion Week came to a close, Ralph Lauren gave us a glimpse of his South American inspired outfits which I’m sure will be filtering down into the high street in Spring/Summer 13. It all comes as nice change after the fiasco of the US Olympian outfits…
Lauren’s use of colours, cuts and fabrics is amazing in this show. Leathers, suede and silk. As well indication to us that hats are going to be a big thing. The final image has to be my favourite. I’m normally a huge fan of colour, but this beautifully cut, chic black dress, with black boater hat and T-bar heels…well. I’m actually in love.

Nailart Masterchef

12 Sep

I’m very lucky to live with two great girls, especially as Amy and I have a lot of the same tastes and interests.

Last night at Chateaux Cobden, as we settled down to watch the Great British Bake Off – which incidentally made us both want to eat pies – our D.I.Y nailart kits came out and we set to work. I went for ‘evening’ nailart and Amy went for ‘daytime’. Next time we’ll be swapping and I’ll take a crack at a daytime style.

I have to give Ames a round of applause for hers, love it and very carefully done.

Please note, some of these photos are silly and were taken when we were dabbling in amateur photography.


Ames – stage one  (cupping Kristen Stewart’s breasts)


Stage two – stripes (Ames doesn’t like her face)


Stage Three – first heart


Stage Four – both hearts complete




Gold dipped


Inspired by Vogue



And finally, our D.I.Y equipment


Quite a manic Monday…

10 Sep

Inspired by Victoria Beckham’s use of orange at her SS 13 fashion show, I wore a burnt orange dress from Miss Selfridges, long cardigan H&M and classic pumps front New Look. Make up and hair pretty simple as didn’t want to go overload on a Monday with bold colour and bold makeup 🙂




Amen to this…

10 Sep